how to repair lcd tv auto shutdown randomly

The repair tip is from kent liew monthly newsletter.The lcd tv repaired is LG 32LB9R-BR and the fault is, it will auto shutdown after 5 or 30mins and atimes it can last for about an hour before it shutdown.The way he repaired the fault was highly interesting,for full details of how the fault was repaired you can enter your email in the comment box so I will send the link directly to your email with a free comprehensive ebook on basic electronics.Happy repairing

Tevion home theatre system repaired

The home theather system was brought in with the complain that the woofer is working but the surround speakers are not working.Disassembling the set,I noticed that one of the ic meant to power the surround speaker is burnt.
It uses three of this ic.The value is tda7265 and it is one of it that got burnt ;
it seems it was caused by an overvoltage.Replacing this ic corrected the fault and the surround speakers are now working perfectly.

sharp tv model 20AG1-S repaired

The sharp tv fails to power on.It was damaged by a high voltage as seen on the power section.
the choke resistor is burnt,power capacitor bulged and it uses an str6654 which got damaged also.As seen above it is a clear evidence of high volt problem.I replaced all the bad component but alas it failed to power on,until i detect this bad resistor besides the power capacitor.
After changing it the tv works perfectly.All the bad components are shown below.

The picture above is the lcd layout of LG32PC5RV. It consist of the power supply board,inverter board,mainboard and the t-con board incorporated in the lcd panel and not stand alone.I will explain its mode of operation in my subsequent post.
Tips on how to improve your repair skill

Everyday, there is need to sharpen up your skill as a repairer.New trends are evolving in the technological world and these gadgets due to a situation or the other develop faults and surely needs to be repaired.Today,I want to share some useful tips on how you can improve your repair skill so as to meet the challenges of repairing the present electronics gadgets.
1. Be internet friendly.There are lots of resources on the internet that helpful and expository to the repairman,embrace these resources and your skill will soar high.
2.Buy ebooks and join forums.There are some necessary information on repair that you can not access for free on the internet unless you buy repair ebooks.Try investing your money on this books and join forums-free and paid,you will see how rewarding it will be.
3.Buy latest repair tools.Different type of tools are being manufactured everyday to make repair easier nowadays,when you come across those tools buy them,it will make your work easier.
4.Download service manual and schematic diagrams.Study and know how to use schematic diagrams very well,they are helpful and will really improve your repair skill.
5.Make friends with those that are more experienced than you are in your field.They will contribute a lot to your repair skill.
6.Move closer to your God and always seek Him.He is the ultimate source of knowledge.
          These tips had been helping me in developing my repair skill,if you have any other tips on this subject ,please drop it in the comment box it might be helpful to someone out there.