how to upgrade the firmware of samsung lcd\led tv

This can be done in two ways;
 [a]downloading the new firmware from samsung website to a usb memory device
 [b]upgrade directly online through the tv but this may require a strong internet connectivity because there must not be a disconnection so as not to create another problem in the tv.
   I will advise upgrading through the first method.Insert the usb memory device into the hub of the tv, follow the instructions to perform the upgrade.On completion the tv will turn off and on automatically after completing the upgrade.Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the usb until the upgrade is complete.

TV with faulty eeprom 24C08 repaired

The fault of the crt tv was that it lit the standby light but if you press the channel button it fails to start,it just remain in the standby mode.Part of the causes of this type of fault are:
         1. dry joint on the panel
         2. defective horizontal transistor
         3.  faulty eeprom
But in this case it is the eeprom that is faulty.I tried another eeprom of the same value which is 24C08,it fails to work.Fortunately a repair friend bring in the same type of panel for repair and its own eeprom is working fine ,so I copied the eeprom on my own faulty eeprom using my data copy device shown in the picture above.As I replace the eeprom in the panel it starts and work perfectly.I had bought this device for a very long time but fail to use it until when i come across this fault.Infact I love the operation of this data copy device.

how to use a digital multimeter

A short video on how to use a digital multimeter.view by going through this link how to use a multimeter
As you know for successful repair you need to master how to use the multimeter very well because without it you cannot be complete as a repairman.Repair is very interesting and highly challenging and I hope you learn one or two things from the video.Please,feel free to comment on how I can serve you better through my post.

free ebook on basic electronics

I came across COLLIN MITCHELL website some few months ago and I was really amazed with some books I was able to download for free on this website.The books were highly comprehensive and helpful especially for beginners in the field of electronics engineering.One of such books is the one on basic electronics,if you want to learn more on various components in electronics circuit like the resistor,capacitors,transistors,component colour coding and much more then you need this book.The various mode of operation of this component is well covered in this book,the information in the book is very can enter your email in the comment box and the  book will be sent directly to your inbox.happy repairing