How to clear crt short in LG Flatron tv

The tv is a 21inch lg flatron tv and the fault was that when you switch it on,you will be hearing the sound but there is no trace of any picture on the screen,in short the tube is not working at all.
    The filament light at the tube base is coming up but the screen grid voltage is 0.I detach the video board from the tube base of the crt,powered the tv and the sreen voltage was now 230v,so definitely the crt is shorted.How do I know these?I connect the video board to the tube base again , took another voltage reading and it gives a 0volt and it is only when there is a short that such fault occur.
  I took a 47uf 250v capacitor,soldered a meter probe to the positive terminal of the capacitor.I soldered the negative terminal to GND on the video board.What I want to do is to charge up the capacitor.The green,red and blue cathode on the video board had their normal voltages.I placed the probe on the red cathode terminal on board for about 3secs and immediately removed it to place it on the G2 terminal on video board.It made a spark and instantly the shorts clear away and the picture came out fine.It really works like magic.
   When the crt was still shorted the ohms reading between G1 and G2 was around 5k but after clearing the short the reading was at infinity.You can repeat the process if it fails the first time.Please comment in the box for any question on this fault or if you know of any other method to clear a crt short.

The repair tip is from kent liew on how a lcd monitor shuts down after two hours was repaired and it is to see what the fault was,a lot of monitors had been converted to scrap because of this fault.Learn how to tackle this type of fault here

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Dvd Player with ''no disc'' error message repaired

This LG dvd(china made) fail to play when you load disc in it and instead gives out the "no disc" error message.Some of the causes of
this fault includes :
  1.bad optical lens
  2.spinning motor 
  3.bad dvd flex
  4.faulty video board
But in this dvd the major suspect is the optical lens.Looking closely at the lens I find it dificult to believe that it is bad so i decide to check probably i can find something to do to it to make it work again.Checking through the Iens I saw a tiny foamlike particle in between the lens and blew it off and just test to see maybe it will work and believe me it works perfectly.Its my first time of encountering this type of fault and any other time i will be checking for this dirts.

Dead Sanyo crt tv repaired

A customer brought the tv with the complaint that as they were watching it the tv just went off.Opening the back cover i tested voltages at power supply and detect there was no voltages at secondary side of sm transformer.The horizontal transistor gives a shorted reading on board but to be very sure this transistor is bad I unsolder it and test again and suprisingly the HOT is good so definitely the faulty component is still on the board.searching thoroughly I
found out that a ceramic capacitor is burnt.I replace it and the tv starts working again.