How to test capacitance of a capacitor with a digital multimeter

The digital multimeter are of different types but the one I recommend and used myself for capacitance reading is as shown below.
 There are esr meters which are those dedicated for capacitor readings but are somehow expensive infact it is somehow difficult to found here in Nigeria that is the reason why I stick to the digital meter for capacitance reading and it has really helped me a lot.

How I make the readings
      Notice the position of the probe.the positive probe removed and positioned as seen and on the meter you range it to the capacitive range(marked F) as shown


The only disadvantage of this meter is that it only reads up to 200uf any value higher than this is unreadable it only gives value of 1.but I specially have a method i use to measure value higher than 200uf but i will write-about that later.
in this test below i am reading a polyester capacitor of value 105j 400v.what i am testing is the capacitance which is 105j.this value is 105=1000000pf 001
since the value of my cap is check if this cap is good i range my meter to 2uf or 20uf. i range mine to 20uf and from the picture you can see that my reading is 0.95 which is approximately 1uf.

 this means this cap is in good can also same method for other type of capacitors.Hope this little tutorial helps.if you have any question you can ask using the comment box.

Sharp Lcd Tv with no power repaired

The tv was hit by a high voltage and fails to power on.This is the internal structure of the tv

since it is a dead set the first thing is to check the power board.The board is intact without any burnt component on it.The reason why I am expecting to see a burnt component is because it was hit by a high voltage but was amazed when I could not found none.I tested all components at power and all tested fine except for the power ic which cannot be tested with the multimeter.
I set my meter to the volt range and test.It was then I detect a flunctuating voltage at one of the terminals of this ic

Thinking maybe this ic is bad,I decide to make test at the secondary side of the sm transformer.It was there I detect the same fluctuating voltage at the rectifier diodes terminal at this side.I tested the diodes and detect that one of it is faulty

I replace this diode with the same specification.After the replacement I power the tv and it works perfectly.